Yes Boss!!!

Yes Boss!!!
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In the Hood

Yeah its that time of the year again when things get busy. Everyone is either working their asses of trying real hard to make something out of the summer or they are just floating around. Now considering the fatc that the weathe ris now kind of "labile", people now seem unpredictable in their biddings. Alot of people got to sleep at odd times and some just start manifesting various strange characters which makes one wonder "is this all in a means to blow of the stress acrued during the school year?"
Talking about school year, its gone for most people but not me..well as most of you know I am a medical student( and i am proud to be one) and we don't ever have breaks. Always having lectures at the worst possible time and struggling to cover some chapters in the books all in lieu of the next program(exam). Then you see medical students turn various strange places into library. I know of a guy that reads any where he goes even the toilet! I mean how desperate can you get.
Now look at the situation of our country, I Nigerian and i am proud but alot of stuff has happened. I mean various stuffs have rocked this joint. we got power issues, security issues, education issues....i cant go to bed at night with both eyes close. Check it out, the moment you close both eyes, its just 5 minutes form the first gunshot and 10 minutes for the first life being wasted maybe not in your neigbhour hood but some its happening. What the hell happened to the swift response of security personnels. How come its the same people who have sworn to protect us end up being our final undoing. What happened to the time you could travel from north to south and get there in one piece. I mean what the hell happened to the good roads. what happened to the transportation system...its usually that unseen pothole around that sharp bend that kills the next driver ( and probably his commuters)
Check out the airports hahahaha..under stocked. poor facilities in place...archaic i tell u. Now look at the defence...Airforce, Navy etc I am sure if the U.S were to launch a pre-emptive attack we dont got enough fire power to retaliate. how shitty is that. Then look at the education, strike today, riot tomorrow. when is this all going to end.
But i am still proud to be a Nigerian, I am pround of my country and I believe in due time a solution will come to all the questions above. I believe that the solution is here and the solution is the youths. If the youths can be united and speak in one voice(with common sense of course) we are going to achieve it. You/ we are not a problem. we are not the problem in this generation of ours, we are all a solution to a problem. the future is in your hands...Use it wisely, use ur body wisely. Its your turn, go take on the world!