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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Help bring Tosin home. Everyone is praying and waiting for your return, Tosin.: Help bring Tosin home. Everyone is praying and wai...

I came across this post on one of my many I-am-bored-let-me-find-some-news-on-the-internet states. I was kinda touched and appalled at the same time. Touched because the young lady is a Nigerian and also a medical doctor. Appalled because the authorities haven't done anything about it as at the time of the post. please pray along!
Help bring Tosin home. Everyone is praying and waiting for your return, Tosin.: Help bring Tosin home. Everyone is praying and wai...: Yesterday, I heard one of the worst news ever. I found out that the beautiful lady whose picture is on the left, Tosin Oyelowo, went missing...

Friday, December 9, 2011

Random Thoughts: Again

Hey folks!

How are we all doing? Great, I suppose? I know its been a long time since I updated this post last but I have been madly busy. With end of the year coming up and my MBBS examination approaching faster than anybody could have imagined, the work load just keeps piling up. I have so much curriculum to cover in so little time and I have just been lazy, like a lot! nobody needs to tell me that I have been lazy with my school work. I need help I suppose. Meanwhile, my brain has been very busy thinking up random stuff. I have had a lot of thoughts going through my head all these while and it creating so much pressure that it might soon explode. Its high time I let it all out I suppose….Random thoughts again!!!

*whatever happened to styl-plus? The Nigerian R ‘n’ B group that stole the hearts of many with tracks like Olufunmi, call my name, Iya Basira and more. What happened to these guys Shifi, Tunde and Zeal. Where on Earth are they?

*Whatever happened to Wande Coal. The sensational Mo Hits singer that has the voice of an an Angel and dropped hit singles like Bumper to Bumper, Ololufe and others. Yeah this guy has had his fair share of scandals but what happened to him?

*Recently I find myself imbibing so much of this La Casera drink. It has a very refreshing taste especially when it is cold. I love that apple flavour and the Classic cocktail flavour, I love this drink!!!

*I love Hollandia yoghurt too! The big one! I just get a straw, kick back and enjoy the whole thing. That is yoghurt how is meant to taste not like some brands that we have out there!

*Are we sure our president doesn’t need help? I am just saying.

*The idiot independent marketers have started to hoard the fuel again and it is freaking annoying!!! Why do we need to keep something that we have in abundance because The Man says we need to remove fuel subsidy. If our refineries were functioning there wouldn’t be a need for Fuel Subsidy in the first place.

*Who is the guy that came up with the idea of setting up a company called Econet. That company has never known rest…somebody is always buying it over. In less than 10 years, this has been the trend Econet--->Vmobile--->Celtel--->Zain--->Airtel. I am of the opinion that I will still buy that company in the non too distant future and name it okizle-tel or something!!!

*MTN is a really ridiculous network. I cannot over emphasize that but if you are asking why please make reference to my post Random thoughts: We Run things. They have ridiculous tariffs and the worst thing is that they don’t give a hoot whether it pays you or not. MTN kiss my *expletive*!!!!

*Etisalat Nigeria have the most ridiculous customer care in the whole world. Their customer care representatives are not adequately trained and I can always tell they do not know Jack about my problems ‘cos they are always reading their troubleshoot guide from their computer. At least if they must do that, they can do it discreetly! *smh* and don’t even get me started about how long I have to wait for them to answer me when I call. Even when they answer, the give technically correct but completely useless answer. They need to learn from their pals at Visafone Nigeria. mscheewwwww!!!!

*If only Nigeria as a country could develop the way Nigeria Music Industry has developed in the last 5years….

*What I want for Christmas?  An Internet Service Provider with internet that work. No ridiculous tariffs and Excellent Bandwidth…throw in a Fantastic speed!!! Also I would love a Police force that works…like really!!! Am I asking for too much? I hate to state the obvious but our police force is wack Q.E.D!!!

*I really need to go back to my mathematics and start solving complex additions and Multiplications without a calculator, pen or paper. All in my head!!!

*I miss Sunday afternoon Pounded yam that I will have if I were at home…It may not seem like much but that is when we have time to do some family bonding because everybody is busy through out the week.

*Who Rocks the Rap Scene like the dudes at Chocolate city?

*Who Rocks GraFX like the dudes at PXC?

*Who Rocks GraFX , Web and Multimedia packaging like James ‘abinibi’ Alabi. The guy and his company, Abinibi Multimedia, Rock!!!

*I probably will be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria one day…. :D

*My caffeine consumption is officially almost next to zero…yaaaaY!!!!

*I love my girlfriend (yeah i said it, go and hug transformer)

*Can’t Wait for Christmas. Its my favorite time of the year. I don’t get much gifts but who cares about gifts, lets rock the town and have fun while not forgetting the reason for the season…Jesus Christ! So this Christmas whatever you decide to do, don’t forget the reason for the season. Jesus Christ! and I am not getting into that argument whether Christmas is actually December 25. Who cares…Its Christmas!!!

*I gotta go now, I have to be in school by 10pm tonight. Don’t ask why!!! I hate school no doubt about that….follow your boy on twitter


Signing Out…..Peace, Love and Chicken Grease (whatever that means)

Monday, October 31, 2011


Its hard to stand on shifting sand

Its hard to shine in the shadows of the night

You can’t be free if you don’t reach for help

and you can’t love if you don’t love yourself

but there is hope when my faith runs out

‘Cos I'm in better hands now

Its like the sun is shining when the rain is pouring down

Its like my soul is flying though my feet are on the ground

so take this heart of mine and there’s no doubt

I’m in better hands now.

I am strong all because of you

I stand in awe of every mountain that you move

I am changed, yesterday is gone

I am saved, from this moment on

There’s no fear when the night comes now

I’m in better hands now

Its like the sun is shining when the rain is pouring down

Its like my soul is flying though my feet are on the ground

so take this heart of mine and there’s no doubt

I’m in better hands now.

Its like the sun is shining when the rain is pouring down

Its like my soul is flying though my feet are on the ground

Its like the world is silent though I know it isn’t true

Its like the breath of Jesus is right here in this room

so take this heart of mine and there’s no doubt

I’m in better hands now.


Yeah, I know my posts have become increasingly random nowadays but that's the point anyway. Basically this is where my thoughts go therefore you are actually reading my mind. Before you start wondering whether I became a poet all of a sudden overnight, what I have above is a song by Gospel Artiste Natalie Grant. Her lyrics are really inspirational. The time is like 2:30am and I can’t sleep, got a lot of things running through my mind and this song just jumped at me. The song defines somebody who is or who has been at cross roads and is now releasing himself or herself out to God, at the same time such person realizes He/She is in better hands now.

There comes a time in our lives when we are faced with challenges, we need to make decisions or we are just plain confused. Sometimes we could even have gone through something as profound as losing a loved one and we maybe thinking this is the end of the world but this song highlight the fact that its not the end of the world. Yes, it may seem as though things are going out of control but as the song has rightfully stated “take this heart of mine and there’s no doubt, I’m in better hands now” The moment we release ourselves to the supreme control, there is a refreshing. I don’t know if you’ve had that moment before, like an Epiphany when you know all is going to be well when you just release that stuff bothering you into the hand of God. The feeling is just so refreshing and relaxing. Sometimes you even get new strength and new direction as to how best to approach such challenges or deal with the situation no matter how great it could be! You get that feeling that Natalie Grant stated…”my soul is flying though my feet are on the ground

This goes out to you who think its over, you have been beaten, been battered and taken all life could throw at you. You had to make tough decisions, you’ve had to make choices. You’ve had nights you cried yourself to sleep, you’ve had nights you went to bed not expecting anything better the next day. You feel hated and you have even contemplated killing yourself because you thought life was being cruel or God was being wicked! I have been there before so I know!!!! I am here to tell you no matter what your present circumstance is, you are in better hands now. Just let go and you will see you are in better hands now! Love is just around the corner…

Dedicating this post to My friend who Lost her Mom…you know you! (and to everybody who can relate to it) Cheers!

I’d like to post a download link but what about copyright laws…..

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rules of Engagement: Series 1

Hey y'all did you miss me?
Sorry I know I should be posting more regularly but I have been constrained of time and resources. It aint easy trying to combine several things academics, graphics and this! Then there's a lot of other things in between and it just keeps putting a strain on my resolutions. I know a time will come when I have to make way for the primary one, Academics, but for now let's keep pushing with this one.

The new series is Rules of Engagement. I don't mean engagement like you people are thinking. No it aint Marriage!!! Its basically a set down protocol that you should act with when faced with or handling a particular situation or Item as the case maybe. This is not from an official source, just my own view of issues. It all stems down from my own believe and how I handle stuff. So with the above explanation, I guess you now understand what we are talking about. If you don't please read again and again till you do. If you still don't please follow the following instruction. (I hope u still have the carton/case your computer/phone came in)
2.Remove power plug
3.Open carton and put your device in it
4.Get a piece of paper(A4) and black marker and write the following
"I am too stupid to own a phone/computer" 
5.Insert paper and Send to manufacturer! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Special Agent Okizle

It all started on a cold dreary day. My adventurous alter ego Okizle and some group of guys were hanging in a room...dimly lit. The lights were flickering and the roof was leaking water from the faulty plumbing.

Okizle: Hey this is my story. Mind if I type it myself?

RaymonD: Yes Boss have it your Okizle will continue the story from here!

As Raymond said, we were all in a room chilling. Everybody had some kinda bad ass gadget ranging from a Frag grenade to a P90 machine gun to heavy duty firing arms. Yeah, you come in and see some mean looking guys like us who you don't wanna mess with. Apparently unknown to the public, we are the secret arm of the government. We report directly to the President and always have a direct line to Mr. President. The secret service worship us because we are the real deal. We always get our guys! 
Ok...Back to the story! Reason we are in this room is because we had an Intel informing us about some strange individuals wrecking havoc all around the country. Apparently these guys call themselves BOKO HARAM. So far so good, nobody has seen them, they are faceless and they keep sending some foolish guys to go and blow themselves up for some reasons best known to them.

Meet My Alter Egos...

Ok this is no Random thought series but a kinda half serious and half-joke post! I just realized this fact about myself and its kinda strange sha! I was going through some online articles and some blogs in the course of the week and I just picked a few hints here and there and crossed check it against my humble self and the facts I got simply amused me. I realized that I have the so-called alter ego, More like alter-Egos. They are the outward disposition that I probably adopt to suit the surrounding I find myself and to blend in. Imma' share a bit with y'all so here we go.... continues after the jump break

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Welcome to Linda Ikeji's Blog: Five boys gang rape female student of Abia State U...

Welcome to Linda Ikeji's Blog: Five boys gang rape female student of Abia State U...: Screen shot of the gang rape of ABSU student. I used my camera phone to take a shot from the rape video My whole weekend messed up. I saw...

Random Thoughts: The Rebirth.

Hey, Y’all!
How you guys doing? Been quite a while since I had time to put up a post. I have been friggin’ busy and the time has just been not forthcoming. I have just had so much on my plate and barely getting in enough time in school work. Thank God I still make good grades but honestly, now I gotta focus and get my stuff together. Step by step I am getting to that point where I gotta make a decision. Its not much so of a decision as it is of a choice but still I gotta reach that point! For first timers, Random thoughts is just a series of mostly unconnected events and occurrences going through my head. Some may be connected but actually it just comes Randomly to me as I type. It’s not like I have a predetermined stuff that I want to type. So here goes…

Thursday, August 18, 2011

RANDOM THOUGHTS...We Run Things!!!

Ok, so i am back with ma really random thoughts... most things here in this post don’t connect. they are really just outta my head. a lot of random thoughts and random occurrences. Most happened to me, some i saw happen to other people. some a hilarious and others are just plain creepy and scary. Here we go……

Thursday, August 4, 2011

ME AGAINST THE RAT: situation critical

*Ok, this is just some random thoughts stemming from my latest experiences. It has nothing to do with the yes boss series. I am stealing this Idea from a boss. visit and you will know what I mean.

*So I hate my landlord. I really hate him. Not that he has given me eviction notice or anything. In fact i still have 7 months left on my present contract. I just Hate him...there I said it!

*I asked my Landlord to fix a problem with my bathroom drainage because for some reason it just got bigger and drains water faster...I know its suppose to be good but It isn't because It can be a hiding place for reptiles and rodent...yeah a scorpion stung my while i was in the bathroom!

More Random thoughts when you continue!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Akinsola Olumide
Now this is a new write up in the Yes Boss Series and when I was first asked to write this, I didn't know how to start ‘cos I thought hey, I am not even an established musician myself so how am I supposed to write on something I myself have not perfected?! But then I decided to share the little knowledge I have gathered in that aspect of the entertainment industry with others like me who will be willing to read this while hoping that it might be of some help to them as we all try to make ways for ourselves with our God-given talents and abilities.

Music is a gift from God and anyone that has it is in my opinion, very lucky. Some people are born with special abilities such that they can recognise good music when they hear one. Some others like yours truly, have to learn and that can really take a while. However, I think every human being is born with one kind of musical talent or the other.

Some people learn the art of playing instruments very early in life and therefore have an advantage over others who have to learn with grey hairs. About every established musician you can readily think of started when they were young! That however is not to say one is too old to learn. It just means they have an advantage.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

RELATIONSHIPS featuring Adetola

AdetolaSpeaking of relationships, we have different kinds. There is relationship with God (which happens to be the most important) and there is also interpersonal relationships. What we have with each other, if you know what I mean. Yeah, that's right. I am talking about what we have with the opposite sex. That’s the ish, that’s what rules the mind of most people, especially amongst the young adult. You see people like you and I have this in common and this issue basically is what predominate in the mind of some people. Strange as it sounds, I know some people who have actually used their tuition fees to satisfy their taste and thirst for women and everything in between.
Lets talk about this as it pertains to a school environment, tertiary institutions that is. In school, we hear and observe different kinds of relationships. It’s actually fun sometimes to poke nose into what's going on between people who are seemingly “madly in love” Forgive me but I like stories a lot. In my own opinion, i would classify such relationships into two types. How? Let’s go. Some stem out of various factors like Inferiority complex, looks and appearances, content of pocket, availability of profitable connections(if you ask me, I love this), dress sense(yeah, you shouldn’t look raggedy) and so many other factors. Not all these are bad in themselves but that should not be the only reason you go into a relationship. Now don't get me wrong. I am not saying if your guy/babe has all these factors but no dress sense its cool. You will just risk looking stupid in front of people. Also when your pocket is leaking, as in no cash...would you respect a man that can’t hold is own?
As much as the container is important, the content is what matters. This dominates the mindset of most people especially in our schools. They boy is fine,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011




Ok….still in the spirit of Yes Boss!, I am glad to say we have something new in the offing.

I have here on the page somebody i would like to refer to as face of the week.  She is interested in Modeling and since Yes Boss! is a place for self discovery, We have decided to be part of the step to greatness. Her name and other details are stated. All enquiries should be made through Yes Boss! desk as follows

Oladele Okikiola

08056463516, 07033330644                                        .

Friday, January 21, 2011


Yes boss! we are back again. This time to talk about something we all strive for…CHEF-D’OEUVRE. What’s it you might ask. Please go and brush up on your French. I mean seriously the world is turning into a global village and the languages will be essential if you hope to live out your life. Please go and take  up a French course or something. JeeZ!!!
Anyway, I am going to help you out, but only for today. It translates loosely into Masterpiece…hahahaha. I can see you smacking yourself now. Yeah! Its been on my mind for quite some time now but school and stuff have been getting in my way. I gotta study hard y’know. Incase you don’t know, I am a medical student, in my final year of preclinical studies as at the time of typing this. I am seriously hoping to get through with this preclinical stuff pretty soon.
First of all, what is a Masterpiece? Simply put, the most outstanding work of a creative artist or craftsman. It could also be termed as “an outstanding achievement”. When I looked it up in the dictionary, I was like Whoa! especially to the first definition. It doesn’t just  say “outstanding work of a creative artist or craftsman” But “THE most outstanding work of a creative artist or craftsman” It implies that several works of a creative artist may be outstanding in an exhibition but one of it is The most outstanding one of all…THE MASTERPIECE.............