Yes Boss!!!

Yes Boss!!!
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Ok! So I love music, everybody knows that, that is the reason I Endeavour to attend any concert I can.

I prefer being in the heat of things also. So I would function perfectly well in the sounds and audiovisuals team. I don't think I can enjoy a concert with bad sounds and stuff. Imagine a perfectly good peavey speaker being under-used or misused. It's very annoying. Good sounds mean your audience can actually enjoy your concert. Anyway my point is I love mixing sounds and bringing out the best in sounds that's why I am a member of the Dunamis choir, the best choir yet in town. Every year the Dunamis choir holds a concert which is usually packed full with people. I remember there was this one time the auditorium was so full that people had to stand outside. We weren't expecting this, so the audio-visual team had to make alternative arrangement of video feed to those fellas outside. There was another concert that was intense. I could feel the power, the force in the room. People were actually in another planet and a kind of calm was felt even with the music and everything…an evening of worship.

This year the concert was a whole new ball game. Preparation was in top gear, rehearsals were hectic and strenuous. People sacrificed a lot, including school time. Some missed lectures. My school was on some kind of break so I had enough time on my hands to be involved in prepping for the concert. The instrumentalist, including myself held a lot of rehearsals together. Sometimes this rehearsal were all night. Now, it cold already but we still had to rehearse. The fun part is that we had time to fix in new stuff and be at a state of perfection. I had all the time in the world to mix the perfect sound, to make sure that the music the people would hear would be perfect and enjoyable. This is why I love the Behringher mixer so much, together with the Behringher graphic equalizer and Behringher "cross over". Also I had quality time with the amps…Crate and Yamaha.

Every rehearsal, I made sure that the speakers were functioning well together with the subwoofers and monitor speakers. Everything seemed set for the concert just one week away, what could possibly ruin it? Oh yeah, I forgot….School! For some reason known only to them, my school decided to resume a week to the concert and to make matters worse, I was going to start exams almost immediately. I thought I could make it to the concert and back to school in time for my exam (exam was the next day after concert). This I thought until I saw my examination schedule, I was having one chemistry course first, organic chemistry to be precise. Knowing how well I hated chemistry and not only chemistry but organic chemistry still I need to pass in order to maintain a GPA of 4.3, I just had to read and miss the concert. Fate could be so cruel!

What do I do now? I chose the only person I thought knew something about "sounds engineering"…my brother. He's younger than I am but I assume I have thought him enough. I took him to my final rehearsal in town and lectured him everything I knew…well, almost everything. The poor guy had a brain freeze. Most of the time he didn't understand what the hell I was saying. He actually started sleeping at one point in the meeting. I just gave up and hoped he wouldn't panic on the d-day. I just hoped people would assist him.

Imagine my joy when I learnt that the concert was a blast as usual. The people, the choir, sounds and instrumentalists. God has been faithful once again. Even in the midst of chaos, God has proved why he is still God. One of our song say God is able to do what he has promised to do. He's gonna fulfill every promise to you, don't give up on God 'cos he won't give up on you….and really he did just that.

Now what did I learn from that, never fidget in any situation you find yourself in, just commit it into God's hand and you will see that he's able. No matter how hard it seems or how difficult even how dangerous…he's able! Some pictures from the concert…


Here the president gives is address.

And here is my brother whom I learnt did a really good job on that day…

Monday, July 27, 2009

Boring Start of the week

Ok! today started out like any other day except that my Uncle and his wife were with us the day before (sunday) and were leaving this morning. I had to wake up and prepare for alot of things. Mom was travelling and stuff. I also had to clean the entire house and make it look beautiful.
I did all that and decided to work on the PC right after Dad left for office.
Honestly i cant believe I wished I was back in School.
When it got boring I picked up my Cell and called Joseph he told me shadrach was in His house and it was kinda fun. Immediately I shut down the computer and got dressed. I got to joseph's and discovered that all they were doing was playing on the playstation2. to make it was, they were playing soccer which I was not good at. I was beaten in all games i played....about 6 games. I came back home and what did I do...I booted the PC and I'm online again. If monday was this boring, i wonder how the whole week will turn out ot be.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Ok! i am very determined. I state what i want to do, when i want them done and how i want those things to be done. it has to be that way, it can't be any other way.
Lately, I began to discover that I just can't stop doing somethings. It's becoming more like and addiction. If I state a want, I pursue it with everything I've got. Soon that particular stuff comes eatin at me. A part of me wants more and I really yield to such thing.

The crazy part is that most of the time it requires that I spend money to get a particular thing done and I just do it. I mean its crazy. I'm addicted
-to the internet
-to my phone
-to tripping out( visiting friends)

I just fill the tank and blow it away. Go anywhere I want anytime I want. Sometimes I get scared of myself 'cos I begin to feel awkward. I don't know if it's a kind of disorder but I need to stop it.
People may see me as a dedicated and committed guy when I do my thing but deep down I have this urge to relax a bit but I can't. I don't feel comfortable seeing something that could have been done better, done shabbily. It makes no sense for you to just leave something half-done when you could have finished it.

For God's sake why do we have to just "manage" some stuff. Though we get tired and give up most of the the time I believe an extra amount of determination will ensure you finish what you started. I just started something and I'm finding it difficult ot put an end to it. This is becaused i'm hooked to seeing it done perfectly. Unless i see with my eyes the perfect finishing, I guess it would be difficult for me to close the curtain on this, so to say, project!
I believe i am getting close to finishing this. I just need one more proof and that's it. The world can now wait for me to reveal what i've got. My project is still in the testing level and i don't wish to disclose anything yet but time will tell.

I prepared for a Dinner

This is very real.
I had been informed of this dinner organized for us. I mean those of us in the University and those guys still in the secondary school.
At first i didn't think of it that much but when my friends started buggin me I concluded it would be fun. Infact i started persuading people to go 'cos many of them had flimsy excuses of not wanting to go.
An idea occured in my head of "bribing" them with a free ride and they agreed. Nigerians...we like awoof too much.
On the D-Day, my alma matter was having its valedictory service and musical concert from 10am-4pm, the dinner was to start by 4pm and i really wanted to go to both. The simple solution was to divide the time i would spend at the concert and spare time for me to prepare for the dinner.

At the concert, i met some old friends and we sort of caught up on old times. The concert was actually boring and we reminiscence d about our set and how crazy we were. So we decided to do one more crazy thing. W e got on stage and took charge of events for some minutes...singing and dancing.

By the time we were through, i noticed that it was 3pm already and I need to get ready for the Dinner. I went home to get dressed. Got my suit, white shirt and couldn't decide on a tie. Anyway, i got a tie to wear and I got ready to go.

My friend, Joseph told me to pick him up on the way, I had to pick some other people(girls) along the way. Needless to say, I got to the the dinner late...I mean really late. I got their for like ...5pm. Inside me it was deliberate sort of cos i wanted to make a kinda entrance. I felt really good in my suit and neatly ironed white shirt, I had a nice fitting sunglasses to match my black suit.

It was a nice dinner and I had fun. the speaker, the interaction and a lot of things made me feel good. I wanted to talk to some of my Old friends but i didn't have time. It was raining and I had to drop off the ladies...I received some compliments as regards my dressing so it really paid off coming late LOL.

On the way back, though I was cracking jokes with my friends in the car and still managing to drive safely, I was thinking about my behavior earlier and wondering if it was worth it. Not only getting late to the dinner, but also deliberating avoiding some people and totally blowing of some people. Even though i never said a word but it showed in the way i responded to greetings.

I came to realize that it the way we relate with people is definitely important in building relationships. I guess I'm not much of a people person but i try to relate with people to a certain limit. Different people have different place in my heart and sometimes blowing off people is a way of telling them that "hey, u are ok but I dont really like you" My friends sometimes say that i'm proud but i tell them its just a way of driving home my point sometimes.

I hate it when people bug me and cramp on my style so i just put a person in the place he or she is suppose to be. In so doing I risk a permanent damage to relationship, but I do so praying that I don't get into any sort of trouble I won't like. Ok, I have gotten into trouble a lot trying to do away with some people....some decisions I regret but what can I do. Some still haunt me but I guess if you don't make mistakes, how will u learn. That's the way the world works right?

I didn't only prepare for a dinner, I actually learnt something....Valuble!