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Yes Boss!!!
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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Akinsola Olumide
Now this is a new write up in the Yes Boss Series and when I was first asked to write this, I didn't know how to start ‘cos I thought hey, I am not even an established musician myself so how am I supposed to write on something I myself have not perfected?! But then I decided to share the little knowledge I have gathered in that aspect of the entertainment industry with others like me who will be willing to read this while hoping that it might be of some help to them as we all try to make ways for ourselves with our God-given talents and abilities.

Music is a gift from God and anyone that has it is in my opinion, very lucky. Some people are born with special abilities such that they can recognise good music when they hear one. Some others like yours truly, have to learn and that can really take a while. However, I think every human being is born with one kind of musical talent or the other.

Some people learn the art of playing instruments very early in life and therefore have an advantage over others who have to learn with grey hairs. About every established musician you can readily think of started when they were young! That however is not to say one is too old to learn. It just means they have an advantage.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

RELATIONSHIPS featuring Adetola

AdetolaSpeaking of relationships, we have different kinds. There is relationship with God (which happens to be the most important) and there is also interpersonal relationships. What we have with each other, if you know what I mean. Yeah, that's right. I am talking about what we have with the opposite sex. That’s the ish, that’s what rules the mind of most people, especially amongst the young adult. You see people like you and I have this in common and this issue basically is what predominate in the mind of some people. Strange as it sounds, I know some people who have actually used their tuition fees to satisfy their taste and thirst for women and everything in between.
Lets talk about this as it pertains to a school environment, tertiary institutions that is. In school, we hear and observe different kinds of relationships. It’s actually fun sometimes to poke nose into what's going on between people who are seemingly “madly in love” Forgive me but I like stories a lot. In my own opinion, i would classify such relationships into two types. How? Let’s go. Some stem out of various factors like Inferiority complex, looks and appearances, content of pocket, availability of profitable connections(if you ask me, I love this), dress sense(yeah, you shouldn’t look raggedy) and so many other factors. Not all these are bad in themselves but that should not be the only reason you go into a relationship. Now don't get me wrong. I am not saying if your guy/babe has all these factors but no dress sense its cool. You will just risk looking stupid in front of people. Also when your pocket is leaking, as in no cash...would you respect a man that can’t hold is own?
As much as the container is important, the content is what matters. This dominates the mindset of most people especially in our schools. They boy is fine,