Yes Boss!!!

Yes Boss!!!
Okizle Multimedia Studios

Friday, January 21, 2011


Yes boss! we are back again. This time to talk about something we all strive for…CHEF-D’OEUVRE. What’s it you might ask. Please go and brush up on your French. I mean seriously the world is turning into a global village and the languages will be essential if you hope to live out your life. Please go and take  up a French course or something. JeeZ!!!
Anyway, I am going to help you out, but only for today. It translates loosely into Masterpiece…hahahaha. I can see you smacking yourself now. Yeah! Its been on my mind for quite some time now but school and stuff have been getting in my way. I gotta study hard y’know. Incase you don’t know, I am a medical student, in my final year of preclinical studies as at the time of typing this. I am seriously hoping to get through with this preclinical stuff pretty soon.
First of all, what is a Masterpiece? Simply put, the most outstanding work of a creative artist or craftsman. It could also be termed as “an outstanding achievement”. When I looked it up in the dictionary, I was like Whoa! especially to the first definition. It doesn’t just  say “outstanding work of a creative artist or craftsman” But “THE most outstanding work of a creative artist or craftsman” It implies that several works of a creative artist may be outstanding in an exhibition but one of it is The most outstanding one of all…THE MASTERPIECE.............