Yes Boss!!!

Yes Boss!!!
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

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Archangelnew b.

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Other pictures form my design catalogue!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Branded DeSignER!

Hi y'all....
I am very sorry the story will still have to wait. I know its been a long time coming but stories like that are just worth waiting for. I haven't got my facts right just yet so I decided to feed you some of my other....let say passion.

Ok, So i love seeing a good work of art. I always imagine what goes on the artiste's head when he designs a it in a painting, or more appropriately in this case, a computer generated graphic. For a long time, i have been fascinated with CGI's (computer generated imagery) all those 3D efftects just make me go whoooooshhhh! then i started thinking i could do these stuff also. I always wanted to create something that would just be me.

Then i heard of James Alabi AKA Abinibi. A well known graphic designer in Nigeria. you can google him if you like of visit, I was blown away by the works of this great man. Most of were just simply amazing and i just stared on with constant ooohhhs and aahhsss!
Then i really thought to myself...I could do this. Hence, my journey to this world.

I started by getting books on photoshop and several graphic desigining programs i could lay my hands on at the time. i started reading gradually and learning the basics, colour, shadow, light etc. I started up with some wack designs. some blatantly foolish others were just alright. Normally, school would get in my way but i always found a way around the troubles school bring...i mean all the stupid class schedules and weird practical are just a story for another day.

Gradually my designs were getting better. I was able to make complex montages and started seeing what i was actually interested in which was making Magazine covers, handbills, movie posters...basically ad campaign stuff. I haven't actually had a commissioned job at the time of writing this but i keep on doing bogus mag covers, bogus handbills, using my pictures and my friends' . gradually people started taking note of my works and comment were pouring in from everywere. I am actually amazed at what i have achieved within a short time and just kept driving it hard. All that is left now is to creat a brand for myself and make it mine. still can't decide on a logo but i am working on it.

Beside here are some of my works....most of them are old anyway but I am working on new ones. My main aim is to move from the realm of just normal graphics to the world of 3D, my first love! once I master the basics of 3D i guess i can progress from there and the be the best i can be or rather, the best there is!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My New Hair cut

Ok, so i have been quite busy lately. Being the most responsible person in a house filled with 6 guys aint easy at all. It really bugs me when i see some of the other guys just lazying around when there's work to be done. I decided to take it on my self and do all the work daily. If for anything at all, it is for my future. When we all grow up to be married men, i hope they look back and wish they had learned.
Anyway, I know this is not the story you want to read. The sequel on my previous story will have to wait. Yeah, I am sorry but i need to get the facts right before I publish. Don't wanna be publishing heresy now, do we?
So being busy with stuff and personal stuff got me in a twist. My hair was fully grown and i was beginning to get irritated with my self. I planned to have my haircut 2 weeks ago but for some reasons i didn't. I knew inside me that i wanted a change of style. I was honestly tired of the Lowcut i spotted for some time. It was time to do something radical. this combined with other stuff was the reason i held out on having my haircut.

I went out on a one man campaign to start checking out hairstyles and how fitting it would be on me. Mohawk, skin(completely shaven: BAD IDEA!!!). several thought crossed my mind and I received so many suggestions. I was so swamped that i decided to just make something up for myself, by myself!

I got to the Barbers' and started rambling out the phony style i had programmed in my mind. i was like, take this side of, mae this look like this, let this look fuller, blah blah.....the poor guy was confused when i was done because it was obvious i didn't come with a solid plan. So he started and i was verbally guiding his hands. from where i was sitting i gradually saw this wonderful shape you are seeing came out and i was satisfied. All my fidgeting was for nought as i had the perfect haircut,

stay tuned for continuation on the Jack story. its gonna come up soon!
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brand New Freedom

Ok, I know most people will be wondering what this is about. Brand new freedom? How many time does a person need freedom. Yeah i call it brand new freedom for a reason. Maybe not so obvious but somethings just lead up to this particular occurrence.Follow my story!

I got a very close friend. See this friend I will call Jack. Jack has a girlfriend, Jill let say. Jack loves Jill but he isn't sure Jill feels the same way. Jack has endured several bullsh*t from Jill. I keep on asking him "How can u be this patient?" I have made fun of Jack and pulled his lgs several times. Now i ask myself...who is to blame for this new fallout.

Jack is giving everything to make it work out but it seems Jill is being strong head and stubborn. I must admit it got to a stage i got pissed myself and felt like having Jills neck on a platter of Gold. I can't imagine a girl not calling her guy not replying his messages and i ask

So Jack got frustrated and decided to call it quits. jack sent an SMS to jill and thats when things started getting interesting. Jill flips...asking what the hell the problem was. What went wrong blah blah blah...Now I was just appalled on hearing that. I was again? Now Jill is a smart @$$ girl. So she turned the tables on Jack saying yeah he isn't patient with her, he didn't ask of her especially in the recent times when she was ill. blah blah blah...I was appalled to hear that Jack just listened on and on and on!

So Jack now looked like the bad guy. He became hopeless and lost leverage. He had no control over the situation again. Well things are still in shambles so to say but i am actually amazed @ how girls behave.

Attitude is a major problem with some girls...they just like to think they are important and all. Don't get me wrong here, I am not anti-feminine...but i just hate girls thinking they are all that. I believe in any relationship, trust should be the main stay of that relationship...then tolerance. Your partner can be such a pin head @ times and absolutely a pain in the neck but u gotta deal with it.

Sometimes it could be frustrating, it could be a battle of the mind that starts in the eyes. It sucks but life is about coping in all situations and enduring but it gets to a point endurance becomes punishment, it becomes something that is just painful to bear( a relationship). Once u are not happy in any relationship get out of it..don't make yourself unhappy.

so I told Jack, dude forget about her and live your life...guess what happens next....stay tuned!