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Yes Boss!!!
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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rules of Engagement: Series 1

Hey y'all did you miss me?
Sorry I know I should be posting more regularly but I have been constrained of time and resources. It aint easy trying to combine several things academics, graphics and this! Then there's a lot of other things in between and it just keeps putting a strain on my resolutions. I know a time will come when I have to make way for the primary one, Academics, but for now let's keep pushing with this one.

The new series is Rules of Engagement. I don't mean engagement like you people are thinking. No it aint Marriage!!! Its basically a set down protocol that you should act with when faced with or handling a particular situation or Item as the case maybe. This is not from an official source, just my own view of issues. It all stems down from my own believe and how I handle stuff. So with the above explanation, I guess you now understand what we are talking about. If you don't please read again and again till you do. If you still don't please follow the following instruction. (I hope u still have the carton/case your computer/phone came in)
2.Remove power plug
3.Open carton and put your device in it
4.Get a piece of paper(A4) and black marker and write the following
"I am too stupid to own a phone/computer" 
5.Insert paper and Send to manufacturer! 

Ok! Today, we will be talking about the BlackBerry(I call it CrackBerry because so many people have an unnatural addiction to it) Rules of Engagement of the BlackBerry device!

*Never ever start a conversation with this. It is plain annoying. It feels like you are shouting at the person. Some people may not mind but its just polite. I BELIEVE it is meant to draw the attention of the person you are chatting with to his messages if he is not reading'em. If you start a conversation with me with that parameter, I will kill you!!!

*I don't know which is more abused, PING!!! or this one.DO NOT send random broadcast messages to people like "just about to board the plane" Who gives a rat's A&* about that? Then there's the issue of people sending jokes in broadcast messages...if I wanted a joke, I will go to or something and have a bellyfull of laugh! 
*DO NOT send this to me...Random greetings like “happy Sunday”, “happy New Month”, “Happy Monday”, “Goodmorning everyone”, etc. While we can appreciate that most of these have good intentions, they generally just come across as annoying. You don’t walk into a building and yell Happy Sunday/Goodmorning/etc on a loudspeaker to every occupant. The same principles should be applied the next time you have that urge to broadcast this. (
*SERIAL BROADCASTING: please note that sending one broadcast per day is too much. A couple per week is plenty. No matter how important the message is to you, the chances that we want a broadcast from you every hour, or every day, are slim to none. Again, you just come off as annoying. Failure to adhere to this can and will result in your being deleted.
*You can send a broadcast message only when
        -you have a product, site, event you are launching
         -There is an important update to be made known to the general public E.g traffic update, security         alert! Even then this should include date and time to avoid people sending all over again.

*Never add people just because you saw their PIN somewhere and you have been dying to talk to that person. It just not cool!!! This isn't facebook or twitter. If the person hasn't given you the PIN personally don't add or send a BBM request.

*For all y'all who change your name randomly without regards for those of us who need to talk to you, STOP!!! It makes it difficult to find you especially if your name change is accompanied with a DP change and the thing doesn't look like you remotely! If you wanna change your name to "Craziesupadiva" please make sure its your picture that is there. At least include a name that we all know you by even if its just your Nick name. You would never see me change my name without including the "OKIZLE" 
If you do change your name randomly, I will delete you!

*If I start replying you with one word, you are getting boring and I am getting bored or losing interest in the topic and we need to change. 
*If I reply you with emoticons ONLY repeatedly without a conversation filled with WORDS, I don't wanna talk to you(no hard feelings, probably bad mood)I may reply with emoticons for two lines then type again like a normal chat.
*Never type in all caps. Its rude!!!
*If I put on my status please don't ping me or beep me, Please don't for your own safety!

If I sleep off in the course of a chat or don't reply and you feel you are being ignored don't hesitate to call my attention, that's when PING!!! come in! Never start a conversation with me using PING!!! I will not reply and then I will kill you. 

Basically this covers all I think should be when using your CrackBerry device. I will not kill you, but I may maim you and it may be fatal (easy, I am just kidding) Have fun chatting!!!

[A-Z] this covers all typos that may be in this post. Just pick a letter from the box and replace the typo!

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