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Yes Boss!!!
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Monday, January 2, 2012

PEACE, PERFECT PEACE: I Remember Omolara

I am not here to eulogize you. Eulogizing you means admitting that you are truly gone but that isn’t the case here. You live on forever in our hearts. I remember the chubby young lady who always complained when I made fun of her being fat. I remember the person who will complain about being too old in school. Remember that time you told me that you fell and bit your tongue and required stitches? I thought that had to be the worst feeling in the whole world, I thought that was raw pain but now this is worse. I can’t cry, I don’t know why. It seems I have run out of tears to cry. I called Lanre in the morning to tell him and He just called me now to say He still doesn’t believe it. My heart is torn, my spirit is heavy. So many questions we are asking but they will forever remain unanswered.

Why did fate have to be so cruel? Why did you leave us at this time? What went through your mind in the flash moment it all happened? When I spoke to you 2 days earlier did you have any premonition? So many questions in my heart but I can never find answers on this side of eternity. Yes, through all the pain I remember the cheerful person who saw me through one Hell of a year. I remember the friend who is never shy to express her mind. I remember the person who will not mince words in correcting me when I am wrong. I remember the strong lady who stood behind her friends all the time. I remember fondly your trademark punches to the side every time somebody stepped on your toes…I always complained about them and how much it hurts when you do that but right now, I can’t believe I am saying that I will miss them. If only you could punch me one more time. I remember how hard you worked during the Medical Dinner. I remember walking down with you around 1am with a couple of our friends and you were complaining about the shoe you wore. I remember the several ways you contort your face to express your emotions. I remember the love and concern you show unconditionally to people around you. Remember that time in Ife town when I got angry at you guys about complaining to me because we missed our way and how you talked me down. I remember the times I have called you to help me get some things done without prior notice. I remember the time you costumed us for our Drama presentation in the Village of Iregba. I remember the Last day I saw you in Ogbomosho going for that Rhema Dinner with Dotun and I helped with your make-up. To be honest I just wanted to make you look funny and It turned out superb. I never knew I had it in me and the eye shadow I applied came out superb!

I remember the way you costumed yourself one very cold night when we had to take turns in security. I remember Lara and her bossy attitude. I dare not refuse when Lara ordered me to do something….those witty punches! I remember all the things you ARE! Yes my heart is torn, our hearts are torn! yes our spirit is heavy, yes our friend is gone but I choose to praise God in this storm. I honestly thought God will step in and save the day but once again I say Amen and its still raining. I had hoped God would  have reached out and wiped our tears away but as the thunder rolls I barely hear you whisper through the rain “I’m with you”. As your mercy falls I raise my hands and praise the God who gives and Takes away. Lord I’ll praise you in this storm, I will lift my hands for you are who you are no matter where I am. Every tear I cried you hold in your hands you never left my side, though my heart is torn, I will praise you in this storm!!!

This is what I call Peace, Perfect peace! knowing that God has done what is best. No matter how much we try to argue it out…God knows best! yes she is young and not yet fulfilled but I still believe that God knows best. I have peace right now knowing that you have gone to the best place you can be. I have peace because this occurrence has taught me more about the brevity of life. I have peace because you are not truly gone, you live on in our heart. I have peace because I know we will be comforted. I have peace because you are looking down from up there as a witness now to this race we are running. I have peace because I know you don’t have to strive as hard as we will ever do again. I have peace because you have the rest God promised us. I have perfect peace because I will get to see you someday! The Christian in me remembers Is26:3 “thou will keep in Perfect peace…” Now I have one more reason why I do not want to miss heaven…because I will see Lara there someday!

Friends…readers…please help observe a minute of silence wherever you are for my departed friend, sister and colleague. Lara, yes you will be missed but you live on in our heart. All you have now is peace, perfect peace! I will miss you…we will miss you!


  1. Omolara Ojo ooooo..... I don't know wat else to say or think again.... I culdnt sleep nor eat.... I lost my appetite.... So I won't sEe u again.... Oh no!!!! Somebody wake me up 4rm ds nightmare.. Cos I still can't believe u are not with us again... Lara why!!!!! Who will call me LTB.... God I know u are God so u can't be question.... I love u so much oo lara but God loves u more.... Rest in Peace Love... Till we meet again... ADEIU....

  2. Hmmmm, Lara............. Sincerely, i dnt cry wen i hear abt pple‘s death but i just culdnt hold back d tears wen i hrd dis mornin.... O dun mi wonu egun ara mi gan!!! Lara, as you can see we love you soooo much bt God loves you more than we do. R.I.P. doc.

  3. D laughs, d jokes, d songs, d readings, d teasings....u were a major factor in my life.

    All d days of GTbank atm and iyawo abass..., d times in class..., how I made u go late 4 some lectures ( I just wanted u to cool dwn, practicals....our psg write up o lara...our bch practicals( bac in d days)....d nights u spent in my house( wen d heat of incourse was on)...d movies we watched togeda ( tho' u were a movie addict).lol...
    D crazy things u made me do ( like goin out 2 watch a movie 2 days b4, d crazy things I made u do ( ur dinner gown...we
    Night class, library, d days of skool
    D days of finishing ur food stuffs cos we were d only 1s in days we chose outfits 4 d day, d days u ironed 4 me cos I was running late 4 lectures...d days u pulled my ears 4 cmda conferences, both within and outside
    ...She was like d only 1 dat understood me, she knew me chewing gum eater.lmao.

    Omolara...omoluuuu...oremi fatty...iyawo Its a wonder dat I'm sayin

    I rememba d last tym I saw her, dat was after one dangerous journey back from rhema fyb dinner...den I gave her a hug and told her I will c her wen we

    She was 1 hell of a babe....I respected her o, kai, ♑ guy ever made her lower her defences, she was always so careful...I even used 2 call her

    Its like she had dis spirit of discernment cos she always knew d questions dat will come out in incourses, and wenever she's not around, we won't hav lectures. Aje!lol

    Now she's gone....who will I sing my yoruba songs 4?...who will com try 2 break dwn my door early in d morning all in d name of knocking?...who will walk me to class?...who will encourage me to go to library?...who will kay use to present my surprise bday gifts?lol....who will punch me wen I call her iyawo igbo?...who will I talk to wen I hav my usual issues?...who will understand me d way omolara ojo does?....who will encourage me to wear skirts?....who will tell me abt baby psalm and who will I tell abt my baby josh?...who will b like my oremi fatty?...hmmmnnn
    Can I bear dis pain? Can I face skool again? Can I smile from within again?....LORD, pls help me.

    If only i had a glimpse of her b4 she was burried....kai!
    She she had to do amebo sha, to go and see how heaven is! But she can't com bac to gist me abt hw scary judgment was and how Jesus really looks....

    With tears in my eyes, and great pain in my heart, I want to say Rest in Peace ooooo! Don't let any 1 disturb ur sleep o, and I hope u hav enof movies and enof chewing gum and garri (don't worry it was her best food)there in heaven.......

  4. Lara, this is news sad to the ears
    i"ll never 4get ow u helped effect the change my personality needed and had always wanted..........
    We"ve been colleagues 4 long but were friends only 4 a short painful this is and "ll be.......
    080459, u"ve left 080458 behind...aa
    adieu Dr Lara...

  5. Dotun....Nice one! succeeded in bringing tears to my eyes again. those punches and the boss lady attitude. But thats one more reason for us not to miss heaven...cos we get to see Lara again.

  6. I didn't know what to do when I heard the news. I tried to cry but the tears were not cooperating. Tho' there were just a few close encounters together asides the facts that we were in med school together, they won't just won't leave my memory and set me free of the painful nostalgia that your demise has evoked. I remember among the few times when I would grab your chubby cheeks and make fun of them, I keep hearing you say your usual "Udoka old", I still remember the last national conference, I snapped you with my digital camera when you distorted your face. You asked me to delete it but I insisted that it was my favorite, not knowing I wont see that beautiful face to snap again, distorted or not. I remember scarcely always seeing you alone without the company of ur friend-turned-twin, Dotun. When I heard the news, I remember I was just about to drive out. Each time I see that scratch on the bumper of that car, which was as a result of entering a ditch while thinking and wishing it was someone else, I wonder why the people who wanna die live and those who wanna live die. Death just has an annoying 'busy-body' attitude! I wish, for your death's sake, that death never existed or was just busy somewhere else on that "remembering-unworthy" day. I wish it was a drama, I wish you were just pretending. I wish it were just another bad dream. I will miss you always. The good thing tho' is that I can hear you say, "If y'all miss me that much, y'all know where to find me. So y'all gotta try very hard to get here so we'll meet and we'll never have to part again. Hope to see y'all soon" I think this is another reason to make heaven, to see our our loved ones who've gone on before.

  7. And so, it's a year! Omolara, Dotun's bestie! I rily do miss u! I saw ur picture again and I cried again, just as I did a year ago, uncontrollably! I rily miss u! We all do! We love u, rest in the bossom of the almighty, till again we meet again! SANGOLEYE, Dotun